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Doctonow is an open patient-centric platform, that allows the patient to take an active responsibility of their health.

Our platform provides intelligent, data driven health assistants, allowing us to provide early intervention capabilities and targeted healthcare.

A Patient Centric Health Platform

Why Doctonow?

Collaboration with
 human agents

conversation in
natural language

Available 24/7

Increase patient

Improved healthcare

Doctonow Advantages

Doctonow is building the healthcare platform of the future. A future that is patient-centric, and where individuals have actionable insights at their fingertips, and doctors and artificial intelligence work together to support patients throughout their healthcare journey. 

What is my IDoc?

DOCTONOW IDoc is an innovative virtual assistant that increases patient satisfaction, while lowering costs for your practice. 

- Our conversational bot technology will streamline and simplify the appointment booking experience across all channels - voice, web, social and mobile app

- Online symptoms checker providing intelligent triage reduces non-urgent face-to-face appointments

- Time and cost-saving efficiencies, both clinically and administratively

- No sick days, vacations or staff churn - our platform will be there when needed 24/7 - it never takes a day off

- Secure messaging - increased collaboration between Patient, GP and other healthcare providers 

Intelligent AI driven virtual assistant
always there to help!

Impacts of Web based booking
and collaboration tools

- Reducing staff labor

- Improving patient satisfaction

- Improving efficiency

- Reducing no-show

- Reducing wait time

Research findings - evidence

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
in New Hampshire has reduced no-shows by 40% after implementing an asynchronous clinical messaging service that allows patients to request, review, reschedule and cancel appointments.

Doctonow - Saving your practice time and money

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